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    Dearborn, Michigan, 1904. By early 1904 Henry Ford had outgrown his small assembly plant on Mac avenue. The sale of Ford cars was rapidly expanding so Ford and his board of directors decided to purchase 3.11 acres on Piquette Avenue and build a major assembly plant. It was there that, from 1904 to 1908, Ford produced the models C, K, N, R, and S. In 1908, Ford combined all that he had learned from production of his earlier models and conceived, designed and built the first Model T Ford. Truly the "Birthplace of The Model T Ford."

    The Model T Ford was produced at the Piquette plant from 1909 to 1910. So popular was the Model T that Henry had to move to yet larger facilities at Highland Park where production could be significantly increased. The Piquette Avenue Plant saw little use after 1910 and very little has changed there since then. The buildings 3rd floor, where Ford designed the Model T, still has the original peeling paint on the pillars and quaint signs reading "positively no smoking." Henry Ford's presence there can be felt today. The building in America relating to automotive history. The building has been deemed by automotive historians as the most significant building in America relating to automotive history. Ford Motor Company no longer owns the building. However, after years of neglect and fear of demolition, the Henry Ford Heritage Association and Model T Automotive Heritage Complex Inc. have purchased the building in hopes of preserving it's historical heritage. The goal of the project is to preserve and restore the building so that they can establish a public museum of major significance of automotive history in the Detroit area. Much work has been done by a few dedicated individuals. However, your help is also needed. If you are interested in this effort and would like to contribute time or financial help to this important project, please contact the following:

Jerald Mitchell (313) 577-1526 (9am-4pm EST)
Randy Mason (313) 563-5824 (12 noon-10pm EST)